i was asked to make this list (also i recently hit 4000 followers holy shit)

my dearies: Nina, Jojo, Kristina, Lindsay, Anna, Alicia, Meow, Grace, Vale, Shira, Olga, Anna, Yvonne, AndyEvelyn, Caitlin, Molly

{a-c}: abrightredrose, adlionheart, amandaabbington, amygloriouspond, annyskod, anothermindpalace, areyoutryingtodeduceme, baskerwill, bbcssherlock, beejohn, benedicked, benedictcumberbatchscassanovak, castielphilia, cmberbatch, consultingflatmates, csi-bakerstreet, cumberbatchs, cumberknope

{d-i}: darlingbenny, doomslock, drwtsn, finnemores, fontines, gandlfs, gaydalfs,halloa-what-is-this, herrholmes, hispadfoot, hobbitbilbo, hobbitts, holmesalone, ignorus, iwillburnthecakeoutofyou

{j-o}:  jamesmariarty, johnwaltson, joolabee,  kneelmortals, lemonison, lestradde, loki-cat, martincrieffing, marymorstan, mishacoffins, moffnat, moriartyse, moriartyys, mrjwatson, mycroftses, oldfashionedvillain, onlyholmes

{p-s}: planets-bend-between-us, pondswaiting, reichenb, riechenbach,  sallydonovann, sherdriver, sherlawk, sherlockisthebest, shylocks, silverstags, sir-moriarty, steven-moffat

{t-z}: thebritishteapot, thedoctorsjawn, thereichenbach, therewillbebluebirds, tietjens, watsonly, wholockbatch

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