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So itโ€™s not the most beautiful thing now I can see you changing your tune ๐Ÿ˜Ž

ugh don’t do this

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if by beautiful you mean โ€œlike a kicked puppy with absolutely no steam and 100% pouting and looking like he is being kickedโ€ then yes

that is exactly what i mean

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you know in my fics i’ve always written sherlock as a sad baby who uses sarcasm to cover up the fact that he’s just so damn lonely and heartbroken and afraid to let anyone in and people were like “yes i like your story but sherlock is a bit ooc” and i was like yeah thanks but deep inside i didn’t agree with them and still wrote sherlock as a sad gay baby and then series 3 happened and proved i’ve been right all along isn’t life beautiful

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No itโ€™s just sad

it’s beautiful

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au where i care about other things besides johnlock

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okay jealous john is amazing but jealous sherlock is just the most beautiful thing in the entire world

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Three signs Sherlock is jealous of Henry in HoB



Money + Courtship

As we see in BB, Sherlock is making sure that John has money so he wonโ€™t go to work and will stick around.

In HoB




John is clearly impressed by Henryโ€™s house and Sherlock is visibly peeved. When I first saw this, with a heteronormative reading, I was confused as to why Sherlock was being, โ€˜a snobโ€™, here. ย That was the only reading I could get but it seemed thrown in for no reason. ย Now, that i know whatโ€™s really going on here, it is clear that Sherlock is just jealous because Johnโ€™s checking out Henryโ€™s house.

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BUT NO HOW WAS SHE SCARED SHE IS LITERALLY A COLD-BLOODED MURDERER omfhg do people actually use that argument???

they do

and i’m like

ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ still murder

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Anonymous said:
Always thought that John's worry over Sherlock's name being smeared by the media in TRF was due to basic empathy, but just realized there's more to it-- He's seen it done before, with another good friend who was destroyed by the media, who became a complete recluse, whose only interaction with people now are getting death threats from them. He knows someone who has never recovered from being publicly torn to shreds the way like that, and doesn't want to see it happen again.



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